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Dress code: Black Tie.


Complete Guide: Formal Footwear

Ft. BASE COLOUR #_hollyt


You receive an invitation, it’s a party. Your starry eyes slide down the beautifully formatted invite until… “Dress code: Black Tie”.  *sharply inhale*
We all know our first thought is going to stress about the perfect dress… clutch… earrings… but most importantly SHOES!

But like the words of Marilyn Monroe “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world”;  We want you to conquer formal wear.
Featuring the work of fashion and lifestyle experts, Base Colour, we’ll show you the how-to when dominating formal wear from the feet up with our luxury designer shoes.

Stun the crowd:

Sparkle in glitter and gold, shoes in this style will empower your walk at any event. Gazes will be stolen as you stand (or shine) out of the crowd.

Shop this style:

Bianca Buccheri 4007bb Diane Pump in Beige

Bianca Buccheri 4007bb Diane Pump in Pink

Bianca Buccheri EP15bb Messina Sandal Rose in Gold

Bianca Buccheri EP15bb Messina Sandal in Black

Bianca Buccheri FE490bb Ceres Pump in Gold









Make a statement:

Step outside tradition. Dare to edge up your black tie style with bold choices that are shorter, asymmetrical, and steps away from what is expected.

shop this style:

Bianca Buccheri SAMANTAbb Samanta Pump in Red

Bianca Buccheri SAMANTAbb Samanta Pump in Black

Bianca Buccheri NE803bb Clare Boot in Black

Bianca Buccheri NE803bb Clare Boot in Gold








Enter with elegance:


Arrive in style and grace. Draw inspiration from the classics in a simplistic elegance that never goes out of fashion.

Shop this style:

Bianca Buccheri 9551bb Adriana Pump in Black

Bianca Buccheri 9551bb Adriana Pump in White

Bianca Buccheri 9551bb Adriana Pump in Red

Bianca Buccheri 8147bb Sigrid Sandal in Gold

Bianca Buccheri 8147bb Sigrid Sandal in Red








Shop the #_hollyt look:

Bianca Buccheri FE490bb Ceres Pump in Gold

Bianca Buccheri FE490bb Ceres Pump in Milk








Find more: https://basecolour.com/your-guide-to-scrubbing-up-for-that-next-black-tie-event/ 

Winter trends, The DOLCi FiRME way.

As the seasons transition from hot to cold, we can take comfort in one thing, the excitement of new trends and consequently the need for a updated winter wardrobe.

And what better way to do so, than the Dolci Firme way.
Our latest trending luxury items will become your winter must haves.


Illona Boot Beige- Also available in black


Illona Boot Black- Also available in Beige


Lecce Boot Bordo- Also available in Black

Leisa Loafer Bordeaux- Also available in Black

Olympia Sunglasses Bordo


Paris Jacket Black

Messina Sandal Black- Also available in Rose Gold

Anais Boot Navy- Also available in Black

Gisele Boot Black

Olbia Bag Black- Also available in Blue



Lotti Jacket Taupe- Also available in Black

Hailey Bag Camel- Also available in Black

Lotte Boot Khaki

Lotte Boot Gold

Lotte Boot Black



The Statement Military Boot we LOVE


Winter is upon us and deep mossy greens are proving to be the colour of the season!

Whether you style your entire outfit from muted green tones or slip on a pair of army green boots, this colour is a necessity for your winter wardrobe.











































Lillian Bianca Buccheri Boot

Lillian Bianca Buccheri Boot in Black



Beige the Colour

This summer we are obsessing over Beige the colour, at Dolci Firme we have a variety of different styles to choose from whether it be sandals for these hot summer nights or a stiletto heel for those weekend occasions. We have chosen some of our favourite Beige styles which we have available instore and online now.

Top left // Elke sandal / Sian sandal / Bottom left Polina sandal / Rafa sandal


Top left: samara sandal / Pamela heel bottom left: Thea sandal / Palermo wedge 

We have different styles in store to cater to every occasion whether it be summer sandal or a casual shoe to our best sellers and corporate shoes. You can find our boutiques here and also our online store here.

Instagram: @dolcifirme



What to wear, eat & experience on your next summer holiday


Let us show you what shoes to pack, where to go, where to dine and stay. Here are the hottest travel destinations to travel to in 2017:



Image credit (from left to right): Gourmet Traveller, The Ungasan Clifftop Resort, Ayana Resort & Spa

To Visit – Sundays Beach Club

The perfect spot for the active and laid-back travelers to indulge in oceanfront massages and drool worthy Asia style food. You can also enjoy lazing around on bean bags with a laid-back vibe.


To Stay – The Ungasan Clifftop Resort 

A vacation in this secluded villa atop of the cliff is the sure way to find your inner zen. The impressive terrace comes with a manicured garden and your private infinity plunge pool. Start your day refreshed with some morning yoga and become one with the astounding ocean view in the comfort of your private pool.


To Eat – Rock Bar

Excite your taste buds with Mediterranean flavours. Rock Bar focuses on locally sourced seafood in one of Bali’s most photographed restaurant. Don’t forget to head to the deck for a pre-dinner drink accompanied with live beats from international DJs. All the whilst enjoying a glamorous Bali sunset view.


To Wear – Wedges

Wedges are perfect shoes for Bali. A versatile option that can be worn with glamorous flowing maxi dresses or just as easily dress up a pair of cute denim shorts. Suggested styles from our Spring Summer 2017 collection include:


Click here to shop all wedges at the Dolci Firme website >



Image credit (from left to right): SantoriniDave, touropia, Selene Restaurant

To Experience – Jet Ski Around Volcano

Discover the beautiful island of Santorini with an adrenaline ride on the jet ski combined with the wonder of seeing a volcano. Begin at the beautiful beach of Perivolos and head south-west towards Red beach and Pharos of Akrotiri, across the Caldera and towards the volcano. Immerse yourself in the underworld of Santorini with a snorkeling session in the sparkling blue waters to put the perfect end to the trip.


To Stay – Katikies Hotel Santorini

Channel your inner goddess by staying in this hotel that is carved into the glistening white cliffs of Santorini. The uniquely spectacular architecture of Katikies features simple, arched roofs and turquoise pools on the balcony accompanied with a jaw dropping sea view.


To Eat – Selene

Lying next to famous vineyards and farmlands, Selene promotes local products with a modern twist in Greek cuisine. It is the ultimate gastronomic destination for lovers of food that comes with magnificent views. To channel your inner domestic goddess, join Selene for a one-day cooking course or tasting classes to take your foodie status to the next level.


To Wear – Flats

Flat shoes are the perfect option to pack for Santorini. Keeping comfort and style in mind, these Italian leather flats will take you through a day of sight seeing walking cobblestones and the stairways Santorini with ease:

Click here to shop all flats at the Dolci Firme website >




Image credit (from left to right): The Guardian, Wiz Tours, PC Florence

To Experience – The Uffizi Gallery

Visit the Uffizi Gallery, one of the top art museums that houses some of the most renowned masterpieces by Leonardo da Vinci, Giotto, Botticelli and Michelangelo. Don’t forget to pay a visit to one of the most famous and appreciated painting by Sandro Botticelli, The Birth of Venus.


To Stay – Hotel Tornabuoni Beacci

Converted from a 15th Century palazzo, expect to be showered in the traditional Florence romance. Adorned with the original frescoes and antiques, with parquet floors and marble bathrooms, make it the trip that you will remember for your lifetime.


To Eat – La Loggia Restaurant

Restaurant of exceptional Tuscan cuisine that is as spectacular as its 15th-century setting with a stunning birds eye view of Florence. Book in and dine on the grand, arched terrace. There is nothing quite as romantic as this.


To Wear – Sandals

Stylish sandals are great shoe options to travel in Florence. Let our suggested pair of Roman inspired sandals (made with the best Italian leather) take you through the cobbled streets of Florence during the day. Embrace your Italian femme fatale with these heeled sandals. Wear them at your next romantic dinner date.

Click here to shop all sandals at the Dolci Firme website >