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You’re invited to our massive clearance sale this Saturday!

Have you heard? We’re having a massive clearance sale this Saturday! Prices will be starting at $50.00 for quality, Italian leather shoes. Shoes will not be from the current season, but rather the goodies from previous collections! Was there something that you thought you missed out on? Come this Saturday to take a look, we might just it in your size? If not, maybe you can find something even better. Please take note that it will be cash only, and that all sales are final. Additionally, no holds, no laybys.

Trading hours (for a limited time only)

Monday 10am-5pm,
Tuesday 10am-5pm
Wednesday 10am-5pm
Thursday 10am-5pm
Friday 10am-5pm
Saturday 10am-5pm
Sunday 12pm-5pm

See you there!

Dolci Firme




Cobalt Obsession


We love cobalt here at Dolci Firme because it is a bright, vivid colour that accents [most] of our favorite outfits just right. Whether you need the espadrille to go with a pair of white shorts and a fun tee, or the Ballin pump to dress up your evening ensemble, cobalt and navy blue tones just seem to top it off. Imagine with not just whites,  but different shades of yellow, dark oranges, red, violet, even!

redviolet_blue yelloworangeswith blue

Love x,

Dolci Firme


We are loving Petros Chrisostomou + Art

Things in our life can seem mundane; but if we look closely enough- they never really are.

Petros Chrisostomou is a British artist and photographer based in New York who creates large scale installations of the mundane everyday objects of our daily lives. He constructs the objects himself, arranges them dramatically against a foregrounds, and then photographs them. When looking at the photographs, we must imagine how much work has gone into taking the perfect shot- the sculpture, lighting, staging…The objects photographed are large scale installations, basically, and the sculptures featured range are anything from shoes, flower vases to pens, eggs, hair. We have compiled our favorite large scale installations of, of course, shoes, though we don’t think they are quite mundane, do we? 😉 Have an amazing, art-filled weekend ‘dolci’ ladies!


And others…




Do you have any favorite artists you’d like to share with us? Leave a comment below, we’d love to hear from you!

Love x
Dolci Firme




See Want Shop + Dolci Firme

Lisa Hamilton is the powerhouse behind the blog ‘See Want Shop’. Her blog gives insight into her love for travel, fashion, lifestyle and health, and she’s recently worn our By Bianca espadrilles for a light, fun, summer look.

Lisa Hamilton | See Want Shop

Lisa Hamilton | See Want Shop

The Elena Espadrilles worn by the beautiful Lisa


The Elena Espadrilles are also available in blue, and lemon yellow. Click the image for more information on our website!

Be sure to check out her most recent Derby look! We simply love it.
Images are courtesy of Lisa Hamilton, check our her links below.

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x Blog

With love,
Dolci Firme

Stakes Day

Congratulations! You have made it through another Spring Racing Carnival. Stakes Day is the perfect end to the carnival. A slightly more relaxed day at the races so you can give your feet a well-deserved break from the high heels and put them into a pair of wedges. Your feet will thank you and you’ll still look fabulous. Take a peek at our selections for you for this Saturday.


140829 Dolci 0082

The Portofino wedge by Bianca Buccheri, available in navy, beige and cream

140829 Dolci 0060

The Sorrento wedge by Bianca Buccheri, also available in blue, and beige

141017 Dolci Firme 0207

The Como wedge by Bianca Buccheri, also available in beige and coral

140829 Dolci 0066

The Smeralda wedge by Bianca Buccheri, also available in gold

140923 Dolci 0152

The Romina wedge by Bianca Buccheri, also available in beige, 11.5 cm heel, 2.5cm platform

140923 Dolci 0158

The Calabria heel by Bianca Buccheri for her new line By Bianca, 10cm heel, also available in tan and white

140923 Dolci 0144

The Santorini wedge by Bianca Buccheri for her new line By Bianca, 11cm heel, 4cm platform, also available in khaki and red

140829 Dolci 0070

The Zeppa wedge by Bianca Buccheri, 10.5cm heel, 3cm platform, also available in black and navy


Oaks Day with Dolci

Oaks Day is traditionally the occasion for the ladies to express their own signature style, amid a spectacular racing backdrop. Also known as ‘Ladies day’, it is the perfect occasion to wear softer colours, pretty florals, and delicate textures- and of course, great shoes. Teamed with a nude shoe and/or feminine tones, usually the perfect accessory is the dapper male. Plus, the gents get the opportunity to show off their own sense of style with flamboyant tones.

Photo by Alex Coppel for The Herald Sun 2013

Photo by Alex Coppel for The Herald Sun 2013

(Click through the images below for more information on our official website.)

Ballin, 11cm heel, gold and fabulous

Ballin, 11cm, copper tones

140801 Dolci Firme 0344

The Gia sandal by Bianca Buccheri, 8cm heel, for exquisite taste

140801 Dolci Firme 0404

The Tivoli sandal by Bianca Buccheri, 9cm heel, for strong and uncompromising look

140801 Dolci Firme 0437

The Barcelona sandal by Bianca Buccheri, 10cm heel, a touch of demure elegance

The Perla bootie by Bianca Buccheri, 8cm heel in a lovely beige

140829 Dolci 0040

The Nolita sandal by Bianca Buccheri, 9cm heel, for a polished contrast

140829 Dolci 0110

The Abruzzo shoe by Bianca Buccheri, 5.5cm heel, light and luxe and leisure

141017 Dolci Firme 0180

The Nadia sandal by Bianca Buccheri, 10cm heel, to stand tall and shine as bright as your success

With love,
Dolci Firme x