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Trent Alert: Fierce Flats

Short men all over the world have breathed a sigh of relief as a new trend has swept the global fashion scene. Yes, that’s right: flats are IN.

Designers such as Georgio Armani had their models practically sprinting down the runway at this year’s fashion week. The loafer style in particular made its presence felt with luxurious materials such as pony hair and velvet proving to be the fabric of choice.

So far, flats have been spotted on the feet of many notorious members of the fashion community including Tank magazine’s Publisher and Fashion Director, Caroline Issa, as well as photographer and filmmaker Gia Coppola. These always-chic women show how the flat can add a stylish twist to any outfit.

Here at Dolci Firme, we have embraced this new trend with all our might and rejoiced at the fusion of fashion and comfort. In particular we love our Bianca Buccheri pony-hair flats in chic black and leopard print as well as our velvet, studded flats in royal burgundy and navy.

Whether you’re running after children or running around an office, investing in some fashionable flats is as good as it gets.


[ Caroline Issa at Paris Fashion Week – velvet burgundy slipper ]

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Microsoft PowerPoint - Le Silla Spring Summer 2009 shooting camp

Dolci Firme – The sweetest thing

When you’ve been in the shoe industry for long enough, you learn to identify what
type of ‘shoe person’ every individual is.

You see, there are three types of people in the world of shoes. There are those who
completely adore, live and breathe shoes; those who enjoy shoes but find oxygen
sufficient for breathing; and those who have absolutely no interest in shoes aside from
appreciating that they provide a barrier between their feet and the ground. You can
probably guess which category those of us at Dolci Firme Shoes fall into!

Ever since first opening our doors in 1999 at the Como Centre in South Yarra, we
have been providing top quality products for the men and women of Melbourne,
making sure to accommodate for all ages and budgets. We have also paid close
attention to worldwide trends, taking note of what’s happening on international
catwalks and thereby remaining at the top of the ever-growing fashion industry.

When translated, Dolci Firme means “sweet signatures” or “sweet labels” and
stems from our promise to supply an Italian quality shoe of the same standard as
international designers without the designer price tag. In fact, the Bianca Buccheri
brand is manufactured by factories that also work with Valentino, Sergio Rossi,
Jimmy Choo and many more designer labels. We also do our best to find the same
leathers and accessories used by these labels.

Most importantly to us, however, is the fact that all of our shoes are made in Italy.
Since our debut into the Melbourne retail scene over ten years ago, we have offered
local Italian brands, renowned International Designer brands as well as our Italian-
made house brand Bianca Buccheri (that you won’t find anywhere else). Because the
finest craftsmen in the world make all our shoes and handbags with genuine Italian
leather, our customers can be confident that they are buying the best.

In 2009, we opened another Dolci Firme store in the historical Georges Building at
the “Paris” end of Collins Street, Melbourne. With the cosmopolitan vibe of the CBD
and the exquisite shoes that we have on display, this store really will make you feel
Parisian chic!

At Dolci Firme we welcome everyone with open arms no matter how obsessed or
unaffected you are by shoes. However to those men and women who do share our
love of all things shoes, we warn you that once you step foot in our store (no pun
intended) you won’t want to leave… or at least not without a few fabulous new

We look forward to seeing you in store soon and in the meantime keep checking out
our new blog for great stories, information and pictures.